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Backflow Testing

Backflow Prevention Specialists

In the world of plumbing and sanitation, backflow prevention devices are one of the most little-known pieces of equipment out there. In spite of this, backflow prevention plays a vital role in making sure that our water supply remains clean and free of dangerous impurities, especially in large facilities like apartment buildings, restaurants and hotels.

In fact, backflow prevention testing is usually required by municipal governments, and many businesses need to make sure that their backflow testing records are updated annually at the city service offices.

When we turn on our water supply to get water, many of us don’t realize that there exists a distinct possibility that unhealthy chemicals and sewage could contaminate our lateral water lines from the main sewer line that they connect to. Backflow prevention devices are specially designed pieces for your water supply line that make sure waste, chemicals and gases do not come out of the main sewer lines and back into your fresh water supply.

If properly installed and serviced, backflow prevention devices help guarantee that your entire building will have clean, fresh drinking water free of hazardous contaminants. Our Backflow Testing Service is the best measure you can take to determine if your water supply line is contaminated with dirty water and if there water supply problems.

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